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If you are looking for the best, our unique school offers premium service quality and highly effective English courses that will help you reach your goals!

Our personalized services and outstanding study center sets Whygo apart from other language schools as one of the best places to improve your English. Not only are all our trainers highly experienced native English speakers who believe teaching is career not job. Our school and study center have 100% English speaking environment you need to get the results you need. The Whygo Language center is a unique school offering a variety of services that are specially tailored to reach the goals of business people and students that want to go abroad.

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Study Abroad

Trying to choose the best place to stay or study in the USA, the UK, Australia or Europe?

Whether you are looking for a university, a language school or a high school, Whygo offers advice and assistance with the full package. Whygo consultants will give you full guidance to write the applications, Statements of Purpose or Study Plans, resumes, and recommendation letters that will get you accepted. We can help you prepare for the interview for your chosen school, and help you review your portfolio. Besides your academic concerns, we can assist with your visa application and, when you have been accepted, we can arrange the best flight and accommodation for you.

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Please read what some of our students have to say about studying at Whygo Language Institute in Taipei.

testimonial person Angela TOEFL 98

Hello, my name is Angela; I got a 98 on my TOEFL test on 23 January 2010. I started classes with Steven at the Whygo Language Center about 4 months ago and I came here about twice a week.

I think I really learned a lot from Steven who is a wonderful teacher. He pointed out my bad writing habits after reading only one or maybe two of my writing tasks and then we worked together to get rid of these bad writing habits.

After plenty of practice, my writing skills progressed a lot and this allowed me to score 25 (for writing) in my TOEFL test. I felt like a dream had come true, with a grade that I could never have believed that I would have got. I attribute this high score to Steven’s teaching. He also used many creative ways to help me improve my speaking skills. We always practiced in many different interesting ways, which not only pushed me to think and speak English at the same time without hesitation but also helped me defeat my fear of speaking in TOEFL test.

testimonial person Zoe IELTS 7.0

When I decided to prepare for the IELTS test, I went to a business cram school with a very famous teacher. However, there were always more than 30 students in one classroom and the teacher did not have enough time to answer everyone’s questions. Having studied for 6 months, I only got a 5.5 for my IELTS test, which really frustrated me.

However, I came to Whygo a few months later and I only needed to study there for 2 months. The atmosphere in the school was warm and fragrant; moreover, they allowed students to study there all day, which made it different from other language schools. The teachers had more than enough time to answer my questions and my English improved rapidly. Within 2 months I got a 7.0 for my IELTS test and had a great English learning experience.

testimonial person Patty



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