School About WhyGo

Whygo is a ‘boutique’ school that offers a unique and exclusive learning experience. Our trainers have years of experience and highly specialized skills who are keen on providing a superior quality of education. Each of our trainers is an experienced specialist in his/her chosen fields, who can identify your greatest needs and meet them. Tell us your dream, we can help you achieve it.

Characteristics that differentiate us from the many other language centers in Taipei are our environment, our friendliness and our sense of professionalism. Whygo understands that a fun and comfortable environment, where you can get away from the pressure of everyday life, is important to anyone who wishes to learn and improve. We provide a quiet place in the bustling heart of Taipei, where you can concentrate on your study, drink fresh-ground coffee or chat in English with other students. Importantly, we provide personalized attention for every student and create the opportunity to meet and study with other people with the same goals.

Why study at WhyGo?

Our unique schools offers unsurpassed quality and highly effective English courses that will help you reach your goals! Whether your aim is to deliver an outstanding presentation or achieve a certain score, say an IELTS 7 or TOEFL 100, Whygo offers the premium service to make it happen. Our trainers are experienced focused professional who get results, when other school may have failed you.

One of WhyGo's outstanding features is the exceptional quality of its teaching staff. The teachers here consider teaching to be a career and not just a job. To be work at Whygo, each teacher has to be highly educated, highly experienced and highly professional. When selected, each teacher is assigned to instruct on courses which best meet their own specific knowledge and experience. Our business teachers understand the needs of Taiwanese professionals operating in an international business environment. Our IELTS teachers come from the UK and our TOEFL teachers come from North America, and each one is familiar with the particular formats of these tests, and the appropriate tips and techniques involved in mastering them.

Finally, to perform well in any test or real-life situation, strong English-language proficiency is required. WhyGo teachers are familiar with the specific grammar and vocabulary issues that Taiwanese students face, and are able to provide them with the most effective and efficient solutions.

One thing that makes WhyGo special is our course design, which is based on our extensive experience of Taiwanese students and their particular areas of need. In addition to this knowledge, we encourage our teachers to incorporate their own personality and creativity to the class, to provide a unique and engaging experience. Each WhyGo trainer makes uses of a combination of off-the-shelf texts and their own teaching material, which is a contributing factor to the school’s distinctive curriculum. We provide a clear path to success by identifying which courses you need to reach your personal goals. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to deliver results. We know that studying at Whygo saves our clients precious time and money. A course here means you don’t have to miss targets or take endless tests again and again, only to keep getting the same results.

Of course, you are welcome to come in to the center outside of class to self-study in our relaxing and professional study area. WhyGo also provides publishing and editing services for outside sources. WhyGo language center offers a flexible service to fit around the diverse needs and lifestyles of modern Taipei. To fit in with the needs of the modern working profession, the center is open seven days a week and courses can be taught either on-site or off-site.

Additionally, our school is uniquely located in the heart of Taipei City, easy accessible by MRT, Bus and U-Bike., nested between the two big SOGO stores on the third floor of ZhongXiao East Road, section 4 and number 2.. Within this highly centralized location, we create a relaxed atmosphere which makes it the perfect place to study in peace and quiet.

Our school is equipped with a state of the art computer study center for you to work online. whether you want a mocha, a macchiato or a simple latte, we serve freshly ground coffee made from the finest mandheling beans using the finest italian espresso machines. All in all, we offer a wonderful atmosphere to study English!

Our Customers

We are and have been providing business English courses to a variety of valued clients. WhyGo is one of the few language institutes in Taipei that offers group-training courses at our clients’ location. We’re proud to mention the following companies that have used our services.


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